Enviromental Policy

Trendleway Commercial Cleaning Services Enviromental Policy

Trendleway Cleaning Services Environmental Policy

Striving as always to reach the highest standards in all of our operations we as a company take a great interest in the best practice of local and international practices. We work closely with key personnel, current legislation and guidelines in order to ensure that environmental considerations play a key part in all of our business decisions. Our firm commitment to the industry and the market ensures that we deal sensitively with the needs and interests of all of our customers and clients. As a part of this commitment to fostering firm relationships alongside sustaining and protecting the environment we will:

  • Work with and encourage our suppliers and client base in order to raise awareness of environmental issues, the impact of working practices on the environment and to work alongside them in order to reduce wastage as well as recycle products (etc) where possible and appropriate.
  • Conduct regular environmental reviews and audits of all of our operations to assess the success of our environmental policies and to make additional changes as and when necessary to promote awareness and reach pollution and waste reductions goals.
  • Continue to improve our processes in order to ensure that they result in the least possible impact on the environment and work with suppliers to invest in waste and pollution reduction ahead of legislative requirements.
  • Continue to liaise closely with customers, clients and suppliers in order to promote the recycling of materials and to encourage best practice in terms of environmental policies.
  • Work closely with technical organisations and appropriate authorities in order to agree upon the formation of environmental standards and on appropriate methods of compliance.
  • Work with employees, suppliers, our customers and the local communities in order to share information, undertake educational schemes and programmes and encourage discussions focused on protecting health and safety in a Green way.
  • Communicate regularly with the higher company management regarding issues relating to environmental policy and to take a key role in all Group initiatives.

Trendleway Cleaning Ltd services many office and commercial environments where we provide the following::

  • Worked to support the client with opening occupied areas, supplying products and services on both an emergency and a pre-planned basis in order to eliminate any break in continuity in the client’s business practices.
  • Liaised closely with the named contractor who supports the security assessment of Bettys and Taylors, ensuring they are aware of our practices, relevant procedures and policies as well as our employee information.
  • Supplied emergency services, deploying staff quickly where a need has been identified both during the week and at the weekend, ensuring no interruption to business.
  • Continued to work with project teams when expanding services while monitoring the deployment of additional staff and work standards as and when required to ensure all business needs are met fully.
  • We have regularly reviewed and audited the site in order to respond to client communications swiftly and fully and to streamline the process of informing clients of any potential improvements or service issues. Regular management meetings with the client and project teams are held to ensure the best possible service is offered and carried out at all times.
  • Worked to provide periodic cleaning services by previous arrangement to identified areas, streamlining daily tasks in order for some cleaning tasks to be completed during “normal” hours thereby providing savings to clients.