Floor Maintenance Services

Keep Your Welcome Warm with Professional Floor Maintenance Services in Manchester

We understand how important the floors are to your business as these are often the first impression you give to guests. When installing the floor you probably spent a pretty penny to create that wow factor but after a while, no matter how high the quality, floors look worn and forlorn.

Our commercial floor maintenance services in Manchester bring your floors back to life, eliminating the need to invest in new floors while making your welcome warm!

High Quality Floors Need High Quality Cleaning Services

Our cleaning operatives and floor maintenance technicians are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of floors. We know the right products to use on every floor in the UK, whether it’s the luxurious hand laid parquet flooring or communal concrete slabs. No matter how delicate the flooring material we have the knowledge to bring out the best in it while delivering a deep clean that wows.

Wooden Floor Maintenance

We know the secrets of maintaining and restoring wooden floors, we have experience in using the best treatments to feed the wood while we train in the latest technology to deliver floor protection too. Not only do our floor maintenance service in Manchester bring life into your old floors they also extend their lifespan as we add protective measures for the future.

from restoring the floors with excellent carpentry skills to varnishing, buffing and more there’s little we don’t know about floors!

Tiled Floor Maintenance Services

We know that a single chipped tile can disrupt the whole appearance of your floor, while stained grout can put customers off. We can bring your tiled floors back to life, making them look as good as new with the least disruption to your business.

We also undertake floor maintenance services on a variety of other commercial floors such as:

  • Steel
  • Laminate
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet

Health and Safety

We have a strict commitment to health and safety in the workplace and are proud of our Safe Contractor award. We know that floors can be one of the major contributions to workplace trips and falls. This is why we always abide by HSE legislation while maintaining your floors, along with offering you solutions to reduce and health and safety risk in the future.

Flexible Floor Maintenance that Fits Around Your Busy Schedule

We know that you may be putting off your commercial floor maintenance as you’re worried about the disruption to your business. This is why we work round the clock to deliver our floor maintenance services in Manchester so you don’t have to close to benefit from cleaner, brighter floors.

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