Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Trendleway Cleaning Services – Health and Safety Policy

In order to meet legal requirements and maintain best practice levels this health and safety policy has been prepared with all employees, visitors and interested parties in mind. All manuals and policies pertaining to health and safety are aimed at providing guidance regarding how Trendleway Cleaning Services intend to ensure legal requirements are met therefore all employees must familiarise themselves with and adhere to the points within all policies.

As per law we must compile a general policy detailing all health and safety matters including details of the organisation and how the policy has and will continue to be implemented.

In accordance with this we, as contract cleaners pro-actively strive to ensure that we:

  • offer and maintain a safe and healthy  working environment
  • ensure the safe handling and use of all substances according to current guidelines
  • properly maintain and make safe to use the plant and all equipment
  • offer full training and relevant  information to all employees, ensuring they are able to carry out their work safely and in accordance with legislation
  • work to prevent accidents and any cases of work-related illnesses / health issues
  • offer safe processes for handling. moving articles related to work, substances and for personnel
  • Trendleway Cleaning Services will also regularly review, maintain and amend this policy as is necessary in accordance with legislation and company policy.

Trendleway Cleaning Services firmly believes that one of our most important responsibilities is to prevent workplace accidents and eliminate causes of work-related ill health. As we want none of our valued employees to have to deal with ill health or injury due to work practices we, the company, intend to continue to work closely and rigorously to meet all health and safety legislation. Codes of Practice and  industry guidelines as well as our own additional company guidelines are used  to promote the very best work methods.

As far as is reasonably possible we will also ensure that our working practices will not negatively affect the health and safety of any persons who are not employed by Trendleway Cleaning Services, including yet not limited to visitors and contractors.

We must remind all employees that you hold a personal duty of care for your own well-being while at work, needing to take responsibility for your own health and safety while ensuring that your actions will not endanger others or yourself. As an employee of Trendleway Cleaning Services you must adhere to all health and safety policy in place and co-operate with management to ensure that everyone may enjoy a safe and healthy work environment.