Legislation and Codes of Practice

Trendleway Cleaning Services Legislation and Codes of Practice

As a company Trendleway Cleaning Services are keen to comply and indeed work beyond current national and local legislation and relevant codes of practice. Strategies are in place for monitoring our compliance regarding any and all pertinent legislation and policy as well as our requirement to underpinning legislation as and when deemed appropriate.


As per policy all recruitment processes will be carried out with equality, fairness and consistency at all times and for all candidates. We measure and review the diversity of our workforce regularly as part of the employee application data. As part of our inclusive recruitment practices we will continue to ensure that no barriers bar the employment of suitable candidates.

Staff Training

All staff will be provided with the appropriate training and guidance to ensure that this policy is effectively implemented and to further ensure that we continue to be an inclusive service provider and employer.


All employees will have a protected right to pursue a complaint through our grievance policy and procedures should he or she feel that they have been a victim of bullying, harassment, victimisation or discrimination of any type.

Human Rights

  • All employees will be treated fairly and with honesty, regardless of where within the company they work. All will receive appropriate training and guidance, as well as have agreed terms and conditions of employment and work matters in accordance with national and local law / work practices.
  • A fair wage which reflects the local market, conditions and of course meets national minimum wage will be paid to all employees.
  • Working hours will comply with national standards, industry guidelines and will not be excessive.
  • The company will not employ illegal child labour, will not be party to bonded labour or forced labour and the company does not in any way condone the practice of using illegal child labour.
  • We respect the rights of our employees whether or not they choose to join a trade union of their choice. No managerial bias will be displayed  and no  interference from management will take place. We support our employee’s rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining and furthermore support their right to exercise these through a secret ballot.
  • All negotiations with employees or their officially elected representatives will be held in good faith.
  • We have in place a formal grievance procedure which staff may use to raise personal and work-related issues as appropriate. All staff will be made aware of the policy and know where to find additional information in order to action any grievance if necessary.